Hpled II C5 colour (rgbwa)


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Give new life to your  Source Four  and change it into an efficient led profile spotlight

  • Easy maintenance (remove the glass spotlight and insert the unit by screwing in the three screws. Required time: 5/7 minutes )
  • Light quality (consistent light, high colour rendering CRI >90, constant colour temperature, luminous flux equivalent to a 750w halogen lamp, flicker free, no adjustment required, sharp and focused outlines without aberrations, compatible with ETC optics)
  • Consumption – electrical connection (low consumption, maximum power consumption 170W, electrical connection by means of neutrik connectors with the possibility of powering various projectors on the same line)
  • Dimming (Power supply directly connected to the network 110/240 V~, dimming control through the 8 or 16 bits DMX control, adjustment of the reaction times, quick reaction, dimming curves, always with a uniform and smooth operation, without jumps even at the lower light level, RDM control)
  • Heat (drastic temperature reduction of the projector unit resulting in savings for air-conditioning; possibility of using gobos printed on acetate sheets)
  • Maintenance (savings for lamps replacement, lamp average life 300/500 hours, depending on the model, Led life 50,000 hours, as estimated by the manufacturer)
  • Noise (efficient and silent cooling, with possibility to adjust the fan speed)
  • Protections (inner active control system which adjusts the operation of the unit by controlling the temperature thus protecting it in any situation)
  • Versions (a complete range with a variety of versions in order to meet all needs, available with 3000°k, 4000°k, 5600°k white light, white variable from 3000° to 5700°k, coloured RGBWA, red, green, blue, white, amber)
  • Cheap (cost-effective PROFESSIONAL solution which allows to recycle the existing frames using the same fly cases)
  • Made in Italy (made and assembled in Italy using reliable and high quality components)


Technical Specifications
Power Supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz auto-setting (single-phase)
Maximum power consumption: 170WMinimum room temperature: -10°C
Stand-by power consumption: 5WMaximum room temperature: 35°C
LED life 50.000 Hrs (see manufacturer's specifications)
Available LED colour: 5-colour RGBWA led array (red, green, blue, white 5000°K, amber)
Protection grade: IP20 (HOUSE HPLED in original ETC S4 only)
Double lens optics with multiple anti-reflection coatings
Working position: any (HOUSE HPLED in original ETC S4 only)
Data Protocols: DMX 512 and/or RDM readyUser's interface: 4-digit display and 4 keys
Power connectors: IN - OUT power-con Neutrik connectorsData connectors: IN - OUT Neutrik XRL 5
Control of LED frequency: selection of LED frequency refreshFan control: fan speed adjustments
Dimming curves control: selection of two dimming curves control
Manual operations: via keys provided on the display
Net weight: 2,49KgPacked weight: 3,3KgPackaging volume: 0,012m³
Compliant to: ce-logo-01
Photometric data with RGBWA matrix with all channels activated
Measurements carried out using LEDs arrays for a period of 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature. Data are informatory and not binding.
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Source Four optics 19°Lux25521134638408284208
Diameter Ø m1.201.802.403.003.604.20
Source Four optics 26°Lux1731769433277192141
Diameter Ø m1.652.483.314.414.975.79
Source Four optics 36°Lux107747826917212088
Diameter Ø m2.323.484.645.816.978.13
Source Four optics 50°Lux533237133855943
Diameter Ø m3.735.597.469.3211.1913.05



The information contained in this document has been carefully drawn and checked. However, the manufacturer shall not be liable for any inaccuracy or mistake. Lites srl reserves the right to modify or make any functional change at any time without notice.