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Lites Profile C5 (colour RGBWA)

Lites Profile C5 (Colour RGBWA)

Five-colour-array pad to yield a countless colour palette Lites Profile C5 Colour is a sine qua non profile luminaire that integrates a five-colour-array pad to yield a countless colour palette. The use of the Red Green Blue White and especially the Amber LED, permits white gamut between 3000°K to 5000°K.  Lites Profile C5 is a ground-breaking profile in traditional colour changers’ […]

Lites Profile T (bi-colour 3000°-5700°K)

Lites Profile T Bi-Colour

white gradation from 3000°K to 5700°K, CRI 90 Lites Profile T bi-colour is a sophisticated profile luminaire flanked by array of lucent white LED arrays for white gradation to stretch between 3000°K to 5700°K, CRI 90. Lites Profile T bicolour is a newly progressive profile luminaire to oppose and replace traditional tungsten bulbs. The LED engine assures […]