Lites F 200 PO (pole operated)

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Lites F 200 PO

Lites F200 (Standard), Lites F200 zoom (motorized zoom) and Lites F200 PO (Pose-Operated) are Fresnel luminaire fixtures that integrate a 200W cutting-edge LED light-source. The Light output of Lites F200’s may be compared to traditional 1200W tungsten fixture but with the rewarding low power consumption of only 200W. The sturdy die-cast aluminium body makes the Lites F200 aesthetically an eye-catching product and employs optimal heat dissipation while the on-board helicoidal-screw allows for ample 20°- 60° beam angle adjustment. The motorised Zoom model does away with manual operation and ensures uniform motions. The pole PO version uses a the DeSisti pole PO yoke system. The Lites F200 is a totally flicker-free fixture and uses 16-bit dimming as well as a silent fan with adjustable speed control. All Lites F200 models may be operated via either DMX and/or ready RDM protocols. The user friendly digital display facilitates operators’ needs. Product of Italy. (Designed and manufactured by Lites srl).

Technical Specifications
Power Supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz auto-setting (single-phase)
Maximum power consumption: 200WMinimum room temperature: -10°C
Stand-by power consumption: 5WMaximum room temperature: 35°C
LED life 50.000 Hrs (see manufacturer's specifications)Maximum body temperature: 60°C
LED colour temperatures: 2700°K; 3000°K; 4000°K; 5600°K (specify when ordering)
Beam angle: 20°-60° via helical screw
Minimum CRI: 90 > and 97 > (depending on LED model)Protection grade: IP20
Die-aluminium body to maximize heat dissipationWorking position: +90°/-90° on vertical axe
Rear handle for good grip of unit; side-lock on mounting yoke to adjust and set unit position
Fresnel lens Ø150mmColour-frame gate dimensions: 185x195mm
Data Protocols: DMX 512 and/or RDM readyUser's interface: 4-digit display and 4 keys
Power connectors: IN - OUT power-con Neutrik connectorsData connectors: IN - OUT Neutrik XRL 5
Control of LED frequency: selection of LED frequency refreshIdle fan mode for totally silent use of the unit
Dimming curves control: selection of two dimming curves control
Manual operations: via keys provided on the displayAccessory: 4-leaf barndoor
Net weight: 9,0KgGross weight: 10,0KgCubical volume: 0,096m³
Compliant to: ce-logo-01
Photometric data LED 3000°K CRI 97
Statistics rates measured with the use of 3000°K CRI 97 LED lantern in use for 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 20°Lux424418861061679472346
Diameter Ø m1.121.682.242.813.373.93
Angle 60°Lux1539684385246171126
Diameter Ø m4.616.909.2011.5013.8016.10
Photometric data 5600°K CRI 90
Statistics rates measured with the use of 5600°K CRI 90 LED lantern in use for 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 20°Lux503822391259806560411
Diameter Ø m1.121.682.242.803.373.93
Angle 60°Lux1823810456292203149
Diameter Ø m4.616.909.2011.5013.8016.10
Photometric data 5600°K CRI 97
Statistics rates measured with the use of 5600°K CRI 97 LED lantern in use for 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 20°Lux444119741110711493363
Diameter Ø m1.121.682.242.813.373.93
Angle 60°Lux1606714402257178131
Diameter Ø m4.616.909.2011.5013.8016.10


Lites F 200 PO dimensions

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