Lites Profile T (tunable)


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 Lites Profile T bi-colour is a sophisticated profile luminaire flanked by array of lucent white LED arrays for white gradation to stretch between 3000°K to 5700°K, CRI 90. Lites Profile T bicolour is a newly progressive profile luminaire to oppose and replace traditional tungsten bulbs. The LED engine assures unwanted shades, providing seamless and light consistency diffusion across the illuminated areas. The Lites Profile T is a low consumption luminaire as it draws no more than 170W and its formidable brightness is comparable to traditional HPL tungsten lamps.

Lites Profile T is a flicker-free operation profile and accounts for the on-board display board for a-16 bit dimming with 2 selectable curves, simulating halogen or discharge lamp based fixtures; Lites Profile T installations can be juxtaposed with the use of functional IN/OUT 5-pin XLR and power-con connectors. The ultimate ready RDM and or the classic DMX Protocols do away with bulky dimmers and other obsolete accessories. The low heat emission of the Lites Profile allows the use of instant gobos from standard printers, all beneficial perks that lift managements expense-bills.

Additionally Lites Profile includes a double lens optics set with multiple anti-reflection coatings while provided shutters shape lights to sharp patterns. Product of Italy.


Technical Specifications
Power Supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz auto-setting (single-phase)
Maximum power consumption: 170WMinimum room temperature: -10°C
Stand-by power consumption: 5WMaximum room temperature: 35°C
LED life 50.000 Hrs (see manufacturer's specifications)Maximum body temperature: 60°C
LED array: 3000°K end 5700°K
Selection of 19°, 26°, 36° objective lensesDouble lens optics with multiple anti-reflection coatings
CRI LED: 96 (3000°K); 94 (5700°K)Protection rating: IP20
Die-aluminium body to maximize heat dissipationWorking position: any
Data Protocols: DMX 512 and/or RDM readyUser's interface: 4-digit display and 4 keys
Power connectors: IN - OUT power-con Neutrik connectorsData connectors: IN - OUT Neutrik XRL 5
Control of LED frequency: selection of LED frequency refreshIdle fan mode for totally silent use of the unit
Dimming curves control: selection of two dimming curves control
Manual operations: via keys provided on the displayColour-frame gate dimensions: 163x159 mm
Unit net weight: 7,5 KgGross weight: 8,3 KgCubical volume: 0,0394m³
Accessories: Ø86mm B size gobo-holder (Ø66mm image)Accessories: Iris diaphragm
Compliant to: ce-logo-01
Photometric data LED 3000°K CRI 96
Statistics rates measured with the use of 3000°K CRI 96 LED lentern in use for 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature using a 25° ETC's optics. Data are informatory and not binding.
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 19°Lux33171474829531369271
Diameter Ø m1.201.802.403.003.604.20
Angle 26°Lux22801013570365253186
Diameter Ø m1.652.483.314.414.975.79
Angle 36°Lux1523677381244169124
Diameter Ø m2.323.484.645.816.978.13
Photometric data LED 5700°K CRI 94
Statistics rates measured with the use of 5700°K CRI 94 LED lantern in use for 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 19°Lux38411707960615427314
Diameter Ø m1.201.802.403.003.604.20
Angle 26°Lux26671185667427296218
Diameter Ø m1.652.483.314.414.975.79
Angle 36°Lux1775789444284197145
Diameter Ø m2.323.484.645.816.978.13
Photometric data (all channels set to 100%)
Measurements carried out using LEDs arrays for a period of 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature. Data are informatory and not binding.
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 19°Lux529423531323847588432
Diameter Ø m1.201.802.403.003.604.20
Angle 26°Lux34411529860551382281
Diameter Ø m1.652.483.314.414.975.79
Angle 36°Lux24701098618395274202
Diameter Ø m2.323.484.645.816.978.13



The information contained in this document has been carefully drawn and checked. However, the manufacturer shall not be liable for any inaccuracy or mistake. Lites srl reserves the right to modify or make any functional change at any time without notice.