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F 200 C5 (Colour RGBWA)

Boundless LED lighting

LITES - Fresnel F200

Lites F 200 C5 Colour RGBWA is a professional Fresnel luminaire that integrates a five-colour-array pad to yield a countless colour palette. The use of the Red Green Blue White and Amber, permit colour gradations wanted in the architectural sectors. Lites F200 C5 is a ground-breaking luminaire in traditional colour changers’ domains because it replaces traditional tungsten bulbs and does away with gels and secures unwanted shades, providing seamless and colour-grade distribution stances across the illuminated areas. The Lites F 200 C5 is a low consumption luminaire as it draws no more than 200W. The sturdy aluminium die-cast body makes the Lites F 200 C5 aesthetically an eye-catching product and ensures optimal heat dissipation; the on-board helicoid-screw allows for ample 20°-60° beam adjustments. Lites F 200 C5 is a flicker-free operation unit and accounts for the on-board display for a 16-bit dimming as well as fans’ operation controls to a complete idle state of the fans if necessary. Lites F 200 C5 installations can be juxtaposed with the use of favoured IN/OUT 5-pin XLR and powercon connectors and the ready RD and or DMX Protocols do away with bulky dimmers and other accessories. Pole operated yoke, to facilitate the complex remote orientation, as well as linear Zoom facilities are available on request when ordering. Product of Italy. (Designed and manufactured by Lites srl).

Technical Specifications

Compliant to:



Photometric data (all channels set to 100%)

Statistics rates measured using LEDs array for a period of 30 minutes at 25°C room temperature. The following data are informative and not binding.
Distance m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m14 m
Angle 20°Lux118852829719013297
Diameter Ø m1.592.383.183.974.775.56
Angle 60°Lux547243137886145
Diameter Ø m4.616.99.211.513.816.1
RGBWA CRI (all channels set to 100%)
RGBWA CURVE (all channels set to 100%)


The information contained in this document has been carefully drawn and checked. However, the manufacturer shall not be liable for any inaccuracy or mistake. Lites srl reserves the right to modify or make any functional change at any time without notice.

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